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It's getting chillier outside
And it's quite hard to believe how far into November it is given how little snow is on the ground at the moment (though it did snow earlier today it was mostly gone by the time I went to run some errands tonight and catch some Pokemon (not as much Pokemon as usual but that I blame in part on my lack of Pokeballs and the chilly temperatures which encouraged me to head inside rather than continuing to walk around my neighborhood).

And while it is getting chillier outside, it's rather concerning that it is as warm as it is given the whole climate change problem. But every year when it starts getting colder I struggle with the whole debacle of what to wear. In a perfect world I would wear skirts and dresses every single day, but warmth is a tough thing and I own too few pairs of good leggings or pants that fit (the pants I am wearing today are a bit loose at the waist which is annoying as that means that they don't necessarily want to stay up when walking on a Pokemon walk, which given the cold is really awkward). I need more nice opaque long-ish skirts and dresses. Some good washable durable materials would be perfect. And I know I'll find some great stuff at the Butterdome Craft Sale come December but outside of that, ideally, I don't want to spend much money on clothing: I already own so much (volume) of clothing even if it's not enough of the RIGHT clothing. I do need more work-appropriate clothing (though that's kind of inevitable), and well my body shape has changed a bunch over the years so some clothing no longer fits as well as I'd like (yes I've gained weight over time... but some of my clothing has shrunk or gotten stretched in certain ways or have gotten worn out). I probably ought to do laundry more often too which would help with these issues...

But the reason I don't really like clothing shopping right now (other than the fact that it costs money, evidently) is the fact that so little of what I find out there suits my own personal style and/or fits my lifestyle. I mean, I'm always needing more business casual clothing but I'm also needing more clothing that makes me feel awesome and fits me right and is at the right price point and etc. I'm pretty okay at finding cool scarves and jewelry and other accessories but the actual regular clothing itself is important. I'm slowly acquiring more awesome jackets over time but I do need more layering pieces for under the jackets and jackets that fit my awesome shoulders but don't make me look like I'm drowning in them elsewhere on my body and/or allow me to properly layer underneath them (because women's clothing is so rarely warm enough or it's too warm or something like that (yes I feel like I'm constantly either too warm or too cold, hence my need to find appropriate garb that suits me in particular ways I guess).

The only places I've reliably found clothing that I like tend to be the Butterdome Craft Sale and Desigual. Both are expensive in their own ways. I mean there are other retail stores where I buy things but it's so variable as to whether or not I'll find ANYTHING that fits remotely right or is the right colour or pricepoint, or style... that I just get kind of dejected about the whole thing. My sensibilities don't really match what is the fashion most of the time and maybe I worry too much about what other people think, but I like to find the right mixture of what I want to wear to be comfortable and feel awesome, but also fit with what I'm doing: you know, finding the right dresses to wear for more active pursuits, like Pokemon walks, etc., or the right shoes/leggings/clothing to crouch in a file room or carry pallets around or sit for hours at a computer workstation...

Next week will be the South Edmonton Kiwanis club's Buy Nothing Day Free Market (staffed/run by the MacEwan CKI club) and I'll have the opportunity to rid myself of some clothing and items from my home and hopefully come home with far less than what I bring in. It's a good time to contemplate wardrobe choices, and so on and so forth. But it's also a good time to try to figure out how to stay warm/comfortable in the chilly air.


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